dimanche 29 mai 2011

atelier cuisine

Graines a moudre a organisé le deuxieme atelier cuisine au portail. Cette fois si le theme etais cuisiner avec les plantes sauvages. On a mangé ensemble dans le nouveau batiment. Tres agreable a cette epoque.

samedi 28 mai 2011


Atoll died this week. It's been quite a shock for us. He was 7 years old, but lately he was suffering from severe athritis. He would run seemingly effordless when working but would limp when walking. He had taken to sleeping under cars in the shade. He got rolled over by a car under which he was napping. It did not kill him but we had to call the vet to put him out off his misery. He was a working dog not a pet, so we had a different relationship with him, but not less intense. We miss him emotionally, but we also miss him in our work. We needed him on the farm, he had his place.

dimanche 22 mai 2011

horsepowered farm

Yan, Alix and Souriere have earthed up the potatoes. It looks beautiful. I am very happy with it.


Le groupe essaye de trouver l'endroit pour les batiments d'habitation avec l'architecte Claire.

dimanche 15 mai 2011

First tomatoes

Tomatoes are looking good, this week I need to plant a lot more, but these one already have their first fruit on them. And they are earlier than last year.

Enfin la pluie

Enfin - sachant qu'il va pleuvoir je passé deux jour a planter des choux, poireaux et celeris et on a meme eu plusieurs pluies.


Yan a commencé de faire la tomme de brebis selon de la recette de tomme de Pyrénées. Il reste qu'attendre 3 mois pour le gouter..

marché a St Germain

Mon stande au marché a St Germain. J'attend avec impatience que la gamme de produits du jardin s'enlargisse.

Update 2016 On a arreté ce marché en 2015. 

lots of help

Lots of people give a hand in the garden : Diane (Alix' mother) Alix, Nelly and Armelle and Nathalie (someone from the CSA) and of course my father who is building the new tunnel.

dimanche 1 mai 2011


Mein neues Spielzeug: ein Striegel - nicht meins streng genommen, aber er gehört dem Betrieb mit dem ich meine Kartoffeln in Partnerschaft anbaue. Sie haben ihre Kartoffeln bei uns und ich mache die Traktorarbeiten und dafür kann ich ihre Geräte benutzen und sie kommen zum Hacken und Ernten. Hier das gleiche Beet vor und nach dem Striegeln.


Au meme temps on avance l'installation electrique dans la fromagerie...

The doors II

Almost there - Every week we say next week the animals will move but now it really seems to come true...