lundi 8 février 2010

four funerals and a baptism

At the end of january another elder neighbour of the portail died. Marie, who lived with her son and daughter in law, who are themselves retired farmers and very good neighbours. Max, the son is very shaken up since his mother died.
Since we decided to buy the portail, the immediate neighbours, an elder couple both died, Gaby's father died in november and now Marie died. Another elder woman that lived alone had a serious accident and will not come back to live in her house. It was high time that we arrived because the place is getting empty.
The paradoxical situation is that we would really like to live closer to the farm than now and there are all these empty houses (and there are more house that are empty that are weekend or vacation houses and the owners rarely show up).

first market

We have done a few markets, but last saturday we started doing market as a regular thing. The place is a little town called St Germain du bois. It was rotten. February is not the busiest time at market anyway, but it was cold and it rained between 9 and 11 o'clock. All the salespeople looked more or less depressed. But it will take a while to get people to know that we are there. It might also take a while until we have a fixed placement, always on the same spot.
I had a few customers, sold at least some veg. Luckily I also had bread from our baker. An extra thing that attracts customers. And frankly his bread looks more attractive than my veg at this time of the year.