samedi 27 juin 2009

on goats and babies

a baby, 17 goats, a border collie, a large garden, 45 hectars of land. this is the start of our new farming life. our own farm. busy as bees we are, sometimes too busy, but i am enormously happy with where has taken me. sometimes i find it hard to believe that i am about to run my own farm, a farm that i am going to share with adele two friends, yan and alix, and gaby, the elder farmer from whom we take other and a group of people that wants to start a eco village. i almost find it hard to believe, that i find myself making my very own hay (and good hay it is) and growing my very own taters.
it is not going to be easy, in fact i think this is going to be rather difficult, but we are 4 relatively young people, highly motivated, we have a lot of support. we arrived in a region that we don't know but i think we can grow roots here, integrate ourselves into the local community. there will be people that don't like us. because we are not locals, because we took land that over people wanted. but we already made a lot of good contacts.
keeping goats is not easy, as we start to realize (knew that before), we already lost a little one and we have some trouble with parasites (goats always have trouble with parasites). now we are responsible for a lot of beings, they want to be fed, let out, milked (only two so far).
our baby is not always in such a good mood. whether he is going to let us run a farm i sometimes wonder because he can be demanding. we don't have a masterplan for next year, when things really get going. luckily we are not alone.