dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Rotten June

June was rotten. The weather was and still is terrible, it is cold and rainy. This is bad news for the garden and the farm. The potatoes are going to be a complete disaster, the tomatoes are all sick (potato blight) but many other things don't grow either. We have not been able to harvest a lot of hay yet and the quality is not getting better as time passes, the grass becomes to ripe and is more straw like. The animals have a lot of parasites (which love the wet weather).

We had some really disruptive wwoofers and let them stay much to long, but now they left.

Frida lost her puppies. She had to have a caesarian, but they were all dead.

Sounds gloomy, at least the tomatoes are hanging in there, at first I thought I would have to rip them out right away, but they just started to produce in earnest. I hope summer is finally showing up.

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