dimanche 6 juin 2010

baler twine

There is a lot of baler twine in real country. One of the ways you can tell this is real country is by how much of it is held together with the stuff. Not just bales. Perhaps not bales at all- I've never seen bales of anything tied up with it. Bales of what anyway? Everything else, though- black plastic sheeting, bright blue plastic bags, gates, trousers, agricultural machinery- everything that used to be secured with string or rusty barbed wire before baler twine was invented. It kinks and unravels, but no one ever throws it away, and it's made of plastic, so it never degrades. Some of it is pink and some of it is orange, so it shows up well against the rural greens and browns.
Michael Frayn Headlong

Ours I should add is blue...