lundi 9 novembre 2009


Raymond, Gaby's father died on All Saints day. He has been in hospital for a week or so and Gaby did not expect him to come home again. He seems to take it relatively well. We will miss the cheerful old man, always smiling, always smoking. The funeral though was the worst funeral that I ever went to. My parents called the church in Chapelle Voland Beerdigungskirche - funeral church, funerals is all that ever happens here. No regular service, no marriages or baptisms, only funerals for an aging population. A neighboor gave a short summary of Raymonds life (born at this date, went to this school, went to war, took over parents farm, etc). We could have said something more personal, just after this year that we have known Raymond. Since the french buy flowers for toissant for their deceised relatives, the cemetery was completely covered in flowers. Note the wooden cross. That is Raymond' s grave.